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The Shrewsbury simulation contains the line between Crewe Gresty Lane (Exclusive) to Shrewsbury Crewe Junction [Approximately 32 Miles]. The line from Gobowen (Exclusive) [ Fringe to North East Wales ] to Shrewsbury Crewe Junction [Approximately 18 miles]. The lines through Shrewsbury station between Shrewsbury Crewe Junction and Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction [Approximately 0.25 miles]. The line from Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction to Wellington (Exclusive) [Approximately 10 miles]. The line from Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction to Dorrington (Exclusive) [Approximately 6 miles]. And finally the line from Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge Junction to Welshpool (Exclusive) [Approximately 18 miles].

Previous feedback has shown that not all users like to have absolute block enabled, as such a feature has been provided so that it can be disabled on start up in three different sections.

Individual simulations for purchase
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