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Welcome to SimSig Salisbury. Salisbury ASC (Area Signalling Centre) was opened in August 1981 housed in the station building.

You will be controlling an area with routes from Andover and Romsey converging at Tunnel Junction, and from Westbury and Gillingham meeting at Wilton Junction, totalling about 60 route miles.

Salisbury is easily manageable by one person (as in real life) but features Tokenless Block Working on the single line to Gillingham, seven AHB (Automatic Half-Barrier) level crossings, and detaching/attaching activities at Salisbury. For a greater challenge there are several scenarios available with various platform and line closures.

Two default timetables are included, a 2009 version compatible with other simulations, and a 1988 timetable for the more experienced signaller that uses most the Ground Frames and Salisbury Yard that were in use at that time.

Salisbury currently chains to Westbury at Warminster, and will be able to link to Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Gillingham in the future.

Individual simulations for purchase
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