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SimSig Wiki

SimSig Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki for users of SimSig. This is a long-term community project to provide a series of up-to-date documents to help new and existing users of the various simulations to do things better (amongst other things). Please contribute to this Wiki; it is only as good as you make it! While developers try to complete the Wiki in a way that is simple to understand, sometimes we don't achieve it fully, and that's where we need your help. If you see a description of something and don't understand it, or think you can explain it better, please do so!

General Information Information for users of SimSig.
Simulation Manuals Manuals for released simulations.
FAQs Frequently asked questions.
Report an Issue How to report an issue you are having with a simulation or timetable.
Meets Information about the thrice yearly official UK meets, occasional non-UK meets, and random unofficial meets.
Glossary (general) Glossary of railway signalling terms
Glossary (SimSig-specific) Glossary of terms specific to SimSig
Translations Non-English speakers start here.
INDEX Operations Index.


All users may edit the Wiki or make use of the Interface Gateway; Testing and Development are restricted.

Wiki Editors Want to contribute to this Wiki? Start here!
Interface Gateway Information on using the SimSig Interface Gateway
Testers Information for testers of simulations. (Restricted access)
Developers Information for developers of simulations. (Restricted access)
Moderators Information for moderators of this website. (Restricted access)

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