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Charity Auction 2015

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Ray Keattch previously generously organised a charity event with visits to West Hampstead PSB and, with the co-operation of Network Rail, is organising another one!

There will be a total of ten winners. Eight will get a tour of West Hampstead PSB (in north London), while two will get to work at least several hours of a shift with Ray. Yes, you could be signalling trains on the Midland Main Line!

The chosen charity is the Kent Battle of Britain Museum:


Essentially they are a charity. The volunteers locate the wreckage of downed Battle of Britain aircraft. They recover the pilot and wreckage. Parts recovered are displayed at the museum, together with a photo and biography of the pilots personal and service life. They describe the combat that led to the kids of the pilot and aircraft.

Also, Network Rail have very kindly offered to donate an equal amount that we raise to their own preferred charity.