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File Details - Horsham 9th Jan 2019

Horsham 9th Jan 2019

Timetable Notes :
This simulation must be run in Post 2012 era mode.
The timetable is set on Wednesday 9th January 2019 and is written to be able to chain with Three Bridges sim from the same date if so desired, once this facility is operational (it isn't at the present time).

ECS to Horsham Thameslink sigings go to Carriage Sidings 2/3 as Thameslink sidings were built after sim was released. Some platform changes are nessesary to accomodate this move. As a result of these changes, 5J12 and 5R82 will be late into platform 4 until the previous train clears the platform.

Rules have been applied to stop sets returning earlier than is possible when the oubound train is late or in times of disruption.
Rules as well as dwell and turnaround times are as per Network Rail's Rules Of The Route document.


Please PM me if you find any faults or errors as my time was limited to test the timetable

Timetable written by Phil Hodgson (Phil1044)

User-contributed > Timetables > Horsham
06/04/2020 at 14:37
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Horsham 9th Jan 2019.WTT

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