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File Details - North Wales Coast July 1922 v1.1 (V2.233.1.0)

North Wales Coast July 1922 v1.1 (V2.233.1.0)

<p>A Saturday in late July 1922.  <br /><br />It is a challenge to try to run a 1922-type service over the modern layout using simsig.<br /><br />On the Festiniog branch, there were passing places at Tal-y-cafn and Betws-y-coed.  The timetable includes trains passing at both places, and you will need to authorise two trains onto the single track to allow this.<br />In addition, trains to Betws-y-coed (only) need to be removed from timetable and reset when they approach North Llanrwst.<br />The new Llanrwst station did not exist - the old Llanrwst station is the one now called North Llanrwst.<br /><br />The branch lines are simulated as far as is possible, by trains appearing at the sidings nearest to the junction.<br /><br />Up trains through Valley should be authorised by SPAD authorisation, to avoid blocking the junction at Gaerwen.<br /><br />There were 4 tracks between Llandudno Junction and Rhyl - at least once during the day, trains should pass (in the same direction - eg 2M06/1M07)<br /><br />There are insufficient platforms at Rhyl - you may need to use the through up line to allow trains to pass - again this is best achieved by taking them 'off timetable' temporarily.<br /><br />At Holywell Junction, all stopping trains should us the 'Goods' lines.<br /><br />There are a number of stations not on the sim - notably Aber and Talacre, where to force a stop needs the signaller to hold a train.<br /><br />The usual problems of the sim taking 3 minutes to add or detach an engine makes for problems of timing, particularly around midday when all the expresses seem to arrive at Llandudno very close behind each other.  If there are no delays it is just possible to keep things running to time.<br /><br />Please report bugs to tony.reese@mail.com<br /><br />Tony<br />4 March 2014</p>

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