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Peterborough 15th October 2009 (0445 start) v1.01

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Peterborough 15th October 2009 (0445 start) v1.01 27/03/2012 at 21:17 #30964
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This timetable, written by myself and Ben Woodward (Sacro), as used at the meet in London in March 2012, has now been uploaded. This will chain to the Kings Cross and Cambridge timetables of the same date. Please report any bugs or queries in this thread (or by email to mccormick.d.s _obvious symbol_ gmail.com).

The timetable is a reasonably accurate representation of the service on Thursday 15th October 2009. Passenger train descriptions include a descriptor like (FCC 8/365) to indicate the train company, number of carriages, and class of train which operates the service. Freight train descriptions have a similar descriptor, which also includes the length of the train. Watch out for 3J31-3J36 - this is a water-jet railhead treatment train; it will run around the sims all day so delay it at your peril!

With many thanks to Noel Young for much invaluable information (without which this timetable wouldn't be half as good), and to many others for extensive testing.

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