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CScot 2013 TT

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CScot 2013 TT 21/01/2018 at 00:21 #105278
Peter Bennet
4379 posts
I see what you mean!

If you seed 2J69-S at a different signal and/or enter it as a new train at Eastfield what does it do?
If you disconnect it from the join what does it do?


Stereotypes only have themselves to blame
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CScot 2013 TT 11/03/2018 at 22:07 #106667
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I've just taken another look at this. There seems to have been something extremely bizarre affecting 2J69-S, which didn't affect any other train. I can only assume something in the schedule got corrupted between .exe and Loader.

Issue was fixed by simply deleting the schedule and creating a new one that was identical to the old.

An amended version of the timetable (version 2.2) has been submitted and is awaiting moderator approval.

Let the challenge... Begin!
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