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Coming this week...

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Coming this week... 14/01/2014 at 14:49 #53876
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Coming this week is the first part of a new timetable set....

...Saltley Late 2013 Timetable Monday!

This is set between October and December, and obviously includes MO trains as well as the normal weekday stuff.

Also included is a variety of STP and some 'Q' trains. STP's were taken from various websites/Gen groups and have only been included if timings were given.
This should give a lot more variety to each time you play the timetable.

The idea is to eventually have the whole week so you could do a long multiplayer (not in one session of course!) covering Monday to Sunday.

There is a lot of tight timings, especially around the Snow Hill area. All Chiltern services are included, but are modified to either terminate at Snow Hill, or terminate at Moor Street and then run as a fictional ECS to Tyseley TMD (mainly if they have a long layover or there's no room at Snow Hill). There are times where two trains will stack up in Moor Street platform 2.

Lawley Street is a bit quiet, mainly as most the container trip are 'MX'.

It's taken a while to put together, but it's near the end of the test and I have my notes on what to fix. I may have missed a couple as there are times where there are 40+ train's on the map, and handling it alone I might have missed something.

Should be easier to do Tuesday to Friday set's though, as the core services (Cross City, and 99% of XC/LM stuff) remains unchanged, meaning I just need to take the small amount of 'MO' stuff out, and re-work any freight/STP's.

Keep an eye on this thread, but I'd estimate a release of no later than Sunday.


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