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PSRs incorrect in some places

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PSRs incorrect in some places 20/04/2014 at 01:26 #59131
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There are some PSRs that aren't correct in the Aston SIM, not sure if they can be changed though.

For the record anyway...
DOWN trains are running at 55 between Blake St and Shenstone, however the line speed is 60,it drops to 55 after AN153 for a short section of 1/4 of a mile and increases back to 60 before dropping to 45 at AN155. These speeds are mirrored on the UP
Down and up trains are running at 25 between Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley. This is causing trains to lose 2 minutes.
Line speed is 20 on the DOWN from just after the Anglesey sidings junction to about 400 metres before AN165, then it goes to 60 all the way to Wynchnor.
Line Speed is 60 on the UP from Alrewas Box all the way to about 400 yards after AN156 it then drops to 20 through Lichfield City. These speeds are mirrored on the Up and down.

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