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Sheffield Easter Sunday 2014

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Sheffield Easter Sunday 2014 27/05/2014 at 22:15 #61010
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The WTT for Easter Sunday 2014 for Sheffield can be found here.

Work to reballast and relay platform 5 at Sheffield station has closed all platforms to trains, except platforms 1 and 2. This had the following effect on trains:
Some EMT London services were diverted via Barrow Hill, as were some XC services. All Liverpool - Norwich services avoided Sheffield and used the Dore South curve, while some TPE services were diverted via Wakefield.
Most Northern services terminated at Meadowhall. Services from Manchester terminated at Hathersage.

All ECS shunt moves are simulated as accurately as possible, though some have been adapted to fit the simulation. Similarly, engineering trains relating to the possession have been simulated, but may have run slightly differently in real life.

More information can be found in the accompanying readme.txt. Comments, suggestions, issues etc can be reported in this thread.

Overall, this is not a difficult timetable as there are not too many trains - but there are certainly some unusual moves to be aware of.

Thanks for playing!

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