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Conflict at Shotton Paper

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Conflict at Shotton Paper 28/06/2014 at 20:37 #62212
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A situation arised on a multiplayer game just now when I signalled a train into Shotwick headshunt, unaware that there was a train in Shotton Paper (there was no indication of this on the panel as far as I could see, I first found out when he phoned to complain about being held at red).

I was unable to signal the train out of the headshunt into shotton paper because a subroute was locked. I assume that this was because of the train in shotton paper. Unfortunately the game had to finish before a final solution of this, so the questions are twofold:

1. How long is the headshunt? The only solution without going back onto the mainline would be to put the departing train into the headshunt as well, but I can't find out how long this is.

2. Is it supposed to be impossible to signal from the headshunt into Shotton Paper when there is a train there, despite there apparently being two lines? If so, then would it be possible to add some sort of indication or at least have them phone up?

Of course I've probably missed something

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Conflict at Shotton Paper 28/06/2014 at 20:43 #62214
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The headshunt is 331 meters, give or take train stopping points.

I'll correct the sim so you can signal a train into Shotton paper with a train sat there.

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Conflict at Shotton Paper 28/06/2014 at 20:57 #62216
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IIRC there *was* an appropriate "train entering simulation" message for the departing train, but as there's no TD berth there it's easy to miss. Usually IME such entry points would provide either a suitable berth or a telephone call from the shunter or similar? Of course, I don't know how the operation is run IRL, so...
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