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Loader sims freezing

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Loader sims freezing 08/07/2018 at 22:34 #110153
belly buster
299 posts
I can let you have the minidump file if it would be any help. Just let me know.
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Loader sims freezing 11/07/2018 at 13:45 #110194
belly buster
299 posts
I've had another freeze - this time on Leeds East/West.

I took another minidump and this issue is in the exact same routine. This may be a red herring but the "ProcessUserTime" was very similar to the previous crash.

More notably, once I killed the program and restarted, I could then reproduce the error at will. The trick is to grab the horizontal scroll bar exactly at the edge of the edge (see arrow). As you can see from the screenshot I managed to do this within 3 seconds of restarting the sim.

However ... once I rebooted, I could no longer reproduce the error, so I don't know what conclusions you can draw from this.

For info I am running a brand new laptop (Dell Latitude 7480 Windows 10 64-bit), integrated Intel graphics HD 520 with up-to-date graphics drivers.

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Loader sims freezing 11/07/2018 at 19:59 #110197
257 posts
Derby has been a repeat-crasher for me - every time that I have gone to drag the scroll bar (with how my screens are set up, I need the sim sat in an EXACT position for my area - so using my nouse's scroller wheel/numpad is no good.
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