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10 point penalty at telephone crossings

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10 point penalty at telephone crossings 29/12/2014 at 11:10 #67162
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Hi there,

I have played the North East Wales simulation a bit and have noticed that I sometimes get deducted 10 points (in the "other points lost" category) in conjunction with a road user using a telephone crossing (or a heavy load etc. crossing at an AHB crossing). However, the sim doesn't give any warning as to what I did wrong, and I'm not entirely sure.

Typically, this situation occurs when someone calls at a telephone crossing when there is already a train approaching. I tell them to "call back after next train". Once the train passes, the road user calls back and I answer "now safe to cross". In some situations there may then be a train underway in the opposite direction, but sufficiently far away that the road user has time to cross without delaying the train, and the signal in front of the crossing still at danger. Upon allowing the road user to cross, I place reminders on the signals protecting the crossing. A few minutes later, the road user calls back and reports the crossing is free, upon which I remove the reminders and clear signals for any approaching trains, only to find out that I have been docked 10 points.

I have had this happen at both Weston Rhyn AHBC, Whitehurst UWC and Penyfford telephone crossing. Could anyone explain what condition exactly causes 10 points to be deducted? My guess would be one of the following:

1) Keeping the road user waiting too long?
2) Allowing them to cross when the sim thinks I should have kept them waiting for another train (even though no routes were set over the crossing while it was in use, and no delay was actually caused to the train)?
3) Setting and removing reminders, etc. in the wrong order?

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