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Aston 2015 WTT

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Aston 2015 WTT 06/10/2015 at 20:20 #76682
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Now available to download

A 2015 weekday timetable for the Aston area. Times have been taken from Open Train Times and Real Time Trains, with freight headcodes from Network Rail's WTT. Rolling stock allocations are for a typical day. Virgin Trains diagrams are from the VT Yahoo group. Thanks to JamesN for assistance with the other TOCs.

Passenger trains are based on 15/04/2015, freight is what actually ran on 18/03/2015.

This timetable is compatible with New Street and Stafford 2015.

Service pattern:

London Midland

London Midland operates virtually all services on the route, using Class 323 EMUs.

2tph Birmingham- Four Oaks
2tph Birmingham- Lichfield City
2tph Birmingham- Lichfield Trent Valley

At the Birmingham end, 3tph continue to Longbridge, 3tph to Redditch. Additional trains and extensions to Lichfield Trent Valley run in the peaks, and in the evening service reduces to 2tph Birmingham- Lichfield Trent Valley.

Cross Country

Cross Country operates one passenger train a day and several morning & evening ECS trains from Birmingham to Wichnor Jn, for route knowledge purposes. These consist of a mix of Class 220/221 Voyagers and Class 170s.

Virgin Trains

Operate one train ECS in each direction between Lichfield Low Level and Wichnor Jn, for route knowledge purposes.


Four freight trains a day pass between Lichfield Low Level and Wichnor Jn.

Any problems, questions or bugs please feel free to below


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