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Routing via main or Stewarts Lane lines

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Routing via main or Stewarts Lane lines 20/12/2015 at 01:58 #79008
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In the Victoria SE manual, it says:

"Trains scheduled via Stewarts Lane can go via the overhead lines if necessary."

However, trains tabled to run on the Stewarts Lane lines tend to complain about a wrong route being set if I try to send them via the mains.

For example, on the default timetable, 2U66 is tabled to cross to the Atlantic lines at Crofton Road, calling at Denmark Hill then Victoria. Due to delayed trains I have sent it the other way (via Cambria Jn) and the driver was happy to proceed until he got to Voltaire Road Jn: the option was 'Bypass Wandsworth Road and keep to timetable' but the train is not scheduled to make a stop there.

Similarly, I've tried to route a down non-stopping train ex Victoria via the main and it has called up at Grosvenor Bridge Jn with the option 'Bypass Stewarts Lane and keep to timetable'.

Unless I'm missing something, this behaviour seems to contradict the manual - is it a bug?

Sim 1.5, Loader 4.5.7

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