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Working to/from Prologis Park

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Working to/from Prologis Park 08/01/2016 at 08:40 #79695
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Can anyone explain how trains are worked to/from Prologis Park? Is it done on a 'one train' basis or can multiple trains be sent in?

When a train is sent to Prologis there is no requirement for a slot or telephone call and the train appears to pass Stop Board 'STOPA' without actually stopping. Presumably 'STOPA' is under the control of the Prologis shunter.

For a train coming from Prologis, the shunter telephones and asks for permission for the train to enter the sim. When the train enters, it passes Stop Board 'STOPB' (presumably with the shunter's permission), but when it gets to 'STOPC' it stops and its status is shown as 'Stopped at signal STOPC'. The driver rings in fairly promptly, which you'd expect at a Stop Board, but when the call is answered, there is not an option to authorise the driver to proceed, only to pass the signal at Danger, Examine the Line, etc. Is this correct for a Stop Board or should the driver be asking for 'Authority to Proceed'?

In the Simsig Loader, is there code to cater for Stop Boards or are they just treated like normal signals? Are there any other sims which have Stop Boards or is Coventry the only one?

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Working to/from Prologis Park 08/01/2016 at 14:57 #79703
Andrew G
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North Wales Coast and Leamington Spa are 2 simulations which come to mind with Stop Boards.

The core code does appear to treat them as fixed signals as you have described above.

On RETB lines they are definitely referred to as Stop Boards (not Signals) and I have checked with a friend who works for Network Rail and he has confirmed this is also the case on conventionally signalled lines.

Perhaps it is one for the 'Features Wish List'.

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The following user said thank you: Lyn-Greenwood
Working to/from Prologis Park 09/01/2016 at 00:05 #79718
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I can't explain how trains are worked to and from Prologis Park, but I can explain a bit of the core code side of things.

I've put stop boards in on North Wales Coast, and Leamington Spa. Saltley also has the off the top of my head although it isn't one of my sims and I'm not sure how they where implemented.

Leamington Spa is the simpler of the two and I'll describe that first.

OL5165, OL5157, OL5159 arel all "STOP & Obtain authority to proceed" (With the additional requirement to have the token for the later two.) To simulate this I've put them in as 1 aspect signals, fixed at red in effect, with a 0 call time, so the driver will call in almost immediately at coming to a stand, though the core code randomises that a bit, he can't pick up the phone as soon as he's stopped.

SimSig displays the usual red signal calls, as to the core code, that's what it is.

North Wales Coast is a bit more complicated.

Blaenau Ffestiniog has 6 stop boards.

Boards 1,2,3,5 are coded as a fixed red aspect, with a shunt signal. Trains stopping at them will phone in, with the usual red signal options. However when you pull the relevant lever on the ground frame you actually clear the hidden shunt aspect, which lets the train proceed. (Simulating the ground frame operators hand signal, or verbal command)

Boards 4 and 6, have all of that, plus hidden green aspects. If a train arrive at board 6, and has the token, and the ground frame isn't released it'll clear to green, and allow him to proceed at line speed (shunt aspects limit the trains speed) into the platform. Board 4 clears to green with a train in the platform, the token is out, and frame 2 isn't released, letting the train proceed at line speed towards North Llanrwst.

The only thing that perhaps could change is the choice of phone call messages. The actual way the boards work is fairly realistic I think at the moment.

There's some stop boards in a sim I'm developing which are under the shunters control, when the train comes to a stand at it (the only way to set the route up to it is with a slot) a timer starts and the hidden shunt aspect clears after a random time, simulating the shunter setting up the points for the train to proceed.

"CHECK Do you stop at Capenhurst?" - Opinions are my own and not those of my employer
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The following user said thank you: Lyn-Greenwood
Working to/from Prologis Park 09/01/2016 at 03:07 #79724
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Worksop has a stop board in the sidings next to Worksop station.

in one of the timetables is used for loco run rounds.

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