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Possible bug with version 1.5 of the Sim

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Possible bug with version 1.5 of the Sim 03/03/2016 at 16:54 #80992
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I am trying to write a day specific timetable for January 28th 2016 which includes STP moves on the day and only the freights that actually ran.But i am having a few issues which i cannot explain and would appreciate some assistance.
I have previously written a 2015 timetable on version 1.4 with no problems. The timetable i am working on now is written on version 1.5. My 2015 timetable written on version 1.4 works with no issues on version 1.5 but the following happens with the new timetable written on 1.5
1,Trains terminating in platform 17 booked to go back northbound report waiting on VC607 signal wanting to go towards Balham
2,Trains going round to platform 1/2 on the ULR do not come back and report being at the buffer stops
3,Passenger trains entering at North Pole on the Up West London line take it upon themselves not to stop anywhere and run fast throughout but trains on the Down West London behave normally.
Having used the pathing on my previous timetable i didn't expect to get the above. So any assistance on what i am doing wrong would help

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Possible bug with version 1.5 of the Sim 03/03/2016 at 22:17 #80997
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Are you running the timetable in the same era that you wrote it in? I ask because an extra era was added to Vic Central at some point, so it's possible that the later era wasn't available when you first wrote the TT.

Are you resuming from a saved game you made on a previous version of Vic Central? If so, try starting a new game on the latest version.

Have you run the TT analyser, and if so, does it flag anything wrong to do with pathing/activities etc?

Apologies if you've done all of these- I'm just eliminating the obvious problems first.

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The following user said thank you: Lagertoe
Possible bug with version 1.5 of the Sim 04/03/2016 at 02:08 #81001
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Well it was a case of user error. I had put in Mitre Bridge Jn as a location between the entry point and North Pole Jn once removed all behaves normally
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