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Length of Loops

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Length of Loops 29/09/2016 at 11:47 #85489
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I cannot be bothed to read through 110+ post on the Tyneside Q&A to see if this question has been asked, so I have started a new thread.

The Simsig Manual for Tyneside gives the lengths of the Platforms but there are no lengths given for any of the many Loops. [ Darlington(Down Pass Loop, Bypass, Up/Down Stn Loop, Up Goods Loop), North Road (goods Loop), Ferryhill (Up Goods Loop), Sunderland (No1 & 2 sdgs), East Boldon (Up Loop), Pelaw Jn (Up Goods Loop, Down Goods Loop), Heaton (Down Goods Loop(both sections), Up Goods Loop) ].

Anyone know the lengths?

Professional Railwayman since 1981. Railway Historian (SER, LCDR)
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Length of Loops 29/09/2016 at 12:29 #85492
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From the Sectional Appendix, except where noted:

Darlington Down Pass Loop: 672m
Darlington Bypass: 128m
Darlington Down/Up Station Loop: 243m
Darlington UGL: 570m
North Road GL: 358m
Ferryhill UGL: 448m
Durham P2: approx. 300m (measured on maps)
Durham Down Slow: 512m
Durham UPL: 563m
Low Fell Jn Down/Up Goods: 239m [For some reason, this is significantly shorter than the distance between 198 and 201, which is approx. 630m on maps]
Newcastle UDS (West, 482-515): approx. 260m (measured on maps)
Newcastle UDS (East, 512-535): approx. 80m (measured on maps)
Newcastle UDS (482-535): approx. 390m (measured on maps)
Newcastle East Jn UDS (Down): approx. 160m (including TC TEHA) [Note that signal 545 is over 250m from the crossover at Manors]
Newcastle East Jn UDS (Up): approx. 340m (including TCs TEHC and TEHD)
Manors UDS (542-555): approx. 180m (measured on maps)
Heaton DGL South: 748m
Heaton DGL South+North: 1307m
Heaton UGL: 684m
Down Pelaw GL: 320m
Up Pelaw GL: 384m
Boldon UPL: 442m

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The following users said thank you: Giantray, BarryM
Length of Loops 29/09/2016 at 14:38 #85497
241 posts
Excellent thank you
Professional Railwayman since 1981. Railway Historian (SER, LCDR)
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