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Missing timings after export to .csv

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Missing timings after export to .csv 17/02/2017 at 01:48 #93167
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Hi There
After some help if possible.
I am creating a timetable for Kings Cross and i have input all of my trains into the timetable editor. To attatch the next working and stock etc i have exported to a .csv file. Upon editing Down trains it would appear that some of the information is missing with regards to after Gordon Hill, the 2B/2J/2V services don't have any more timings in the reporting points whereas they should terminate at Hertford North/ Stevenage etc. The timing points (stations etc) that are missing appear in the left hand side of the export but the times do not. I have checked that the paths used are valid and the route validation tool says they are so i'm at a bit of a loss! Any pointers?

Most appreciative of any help.

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