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2017 WTT (20/May/2017)

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2017 WTT (20/May/2017) 15/04/2017 at 14:14 #94495
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Ladies, Gentleman;
As soon as I have my hands on the May 2017 WTT I am going to start writing up a new TT for the sim.
Will include a second timetable for the Huyton Sim for chaining.

If possible, could the Developer contact me in regards to making a possible scenario to work along side the new TT?
-I know the phonecalls cant be utilized but maybe with the Incident Panel messages for the following?
-Line Blockages throughout the day (On areas where they actually get Accepted in RL [SimSigger wil have to imagine phonecall of course])

Good thing is, Fiddlers etc. will get more use as the Coal Train will be running again (As it is now!)
All services will be included, with the appropriate based on RaRQ - Probably be based on the 22/05/2017 [Monday services].

Joshua N Pope-Lewis

"There's a right way, a wrong way and the 'railway'"
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