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Norwegian cab ride

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Norwegian cab ride 18/04/2017 at 19:00 #94574
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Four cab rides (one for each season) of the entire Nordland line from Tondheim to Bodø. The entire journey takes almost 10 hours and in addition to the spectacular scenery, the signalling is quite varied.

From Trondheim to Steinkjer the single line is quite busy with frequent passing loops, beyond there the loops are less frequent but there are some block signals between them which would allow a second train to proceed before the first has reached the next loop.

The line seems to be fully track circuited and controlled from Trondheim in the south but this seems to end at Eiterstraum with the signals north of there under local control and a member of staff acknowledging each train as it passes. I'm not sure if there is any equivalent of tokenless block in use here.

The line continues to be fully signalled (although under local control) until Skonseng but north of there until Bodø the only signals simply control the entrance to stations/loops with authority to proceed into the next section given either when the train has stopped or by a green flag/light if the train is not stopping. At Fauske you can even see a member of staff changing the points and driving back to the station on a quad bike/snowmobile.

You can see new signals have been installed between Mosjøen and Bodø but not yet in use so it would seem that these videos were filmed in the last days of this method of operation in the north before resignalling.

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