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Licences 16/07/2017 at 20:45 #96433
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Hi there,
I really wouldn't mind getting Plymouth however I am getting a new PC in a couple of months and just wondered if the licences can be transferred from one PC to another when I get my new PC? Thanks in advance.

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Licences 16/07/2017 at 21:04 #96434
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Yes it can be by using the license manager.
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The following user said thank you: Hazz
Licences 16/07/2017 at 21:20 #96435
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Absolutely, the major selling point of the license manager is that it allows you to use the game on any PC with simsig installed on it with only one license. However, the point is that one person should not have to buy multiple licenses if they want to use the game on another computer, round a friend's house, after their old computer dies and so on and so on. *Not* so that more than one person can play the game with only one person actually having paid for it. So the license can only be allocated to one PC at a time. But you can deallocate and allocate licenses to machines completely at will. You just have to deallocate the license on one machine before you can allocate it to another. You cannot then use the license on the original machine or any other until you have first deallocated it. So just be sure to deallocate the license before the computer goes for recycling and you can allocate it to your new one with paramount ease. If for any reason you forget to do this, it's no big deal, you can request that the license be deallocated from a machine if you can't deallocate it yourself (for example because the machine has died), but as this is a manual intervention you should not abuse it. Only the SimSig team can remotely deallocate a license from a machine using another machine. Unfortunately for you to deallocate a license from machine x, you have to do that from machine x. It is not possible for you to do it from machine y.
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