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Crowborough Yard

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Crowborough Yard 09/11/2017 at 18:49 #102744
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While doing some fiddling around prior to commence composure of an intense timetable for Oxted. I wanted to ask about the yard at Crowborough and it's related signals.


I seeded a train 'A' at Crowborough Yard. When start the timetable the train list shows it as being in the Engineers siding. After telephoning to proceed it moved forward and over the set points (Crowborough frame lever 2) ignoring CR01's aspect, before joining the Uckfield down.

When I reversed the train (with CR01 off) the train when up into the non TC area and reported waiting at CR02. When given authority to pass CR02 at danger, it behaved much like when CR02 was cleared: status toggling between waiting at signal CR02 and moving at 0 MPH. It hasn't moved in 30 minutes.

I reckon that the position of CR02 is a little off and in the wrong direction, would be nice to hold a train down in there by more than just the points.

I also want to ask about the layout of the yard.
From maps and images it seems that the full /former layout of the yard is as follows:

==Coal yard
// =======================
// // Goods yard //

but from aerial images and the what I've interpreted from the sim it seems to be as follows:

ENG===== (blocked off by sleeper on tracks)

ENG being the engineering sidings location
GF being the Crowborough ground frame location
MAIN being the Uckfield down

As a final point my (very) unrealistic test train got up to 68MPH between the engineers sidings and the points, possibly a little fast for the sidings!

Oh boy, this has turned into a wall of text hasn't it!

Last edited: 09/11/2017 at 22:42 by rfw
Reason: Train location does't update when not on a timetabled trip

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