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Leeds Ardsley ARS Pontefract/Ferrybridge

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Leeds Ardsley ARS Pontefract/Ferrybridge 08/01/2018 at 11:41 #104892
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Loader 4.6.7 Sim 1.3

Not saying this is wrong but pointing it out in case it is and needs a tweak: Running with ARS and up to 0715 with the 15/10/09 0445 version 1.4 timetable.

All freight entering from Pontefract/Ferrybridge (mainly of the 6MXX variety) enter with headcode marked by ARS as red for 10+ mins late regardless of whether early or late and ARS gives them priority over anything else. Even if 30+ mins early and held at signal 6586 or held in the Up Moorthorpe Loop, ARS will make class one passengers give priority to them.


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