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New Mills Central

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New Mills Central 12/01/2018 at 12:00 #104996
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While running through the 2017tt, I found that 2S12 needs NM16 (what appears to be the platform starter signal) to be off, before it arrives at New Mills Central where it terminates. Length of the train is listed as 71m, whereas the Up platform is 95m. On clearing the signal, he quickly accelerates to 9mph, before putting the brakes back on (with no changes in TC occupation shown on the panel).
I also had the same thing happen for 2S08 (length of 62m) but 2S04 and 2S06 (both 31m long) did not have an issue stopping at the station and reversing
Have attached a save game of 2s12 on the phone, and also a save from a couple minutes earlier.

Have been able to replicate this problem from the save, as since it has happened to multiple trains, i'm wondering if its a sim bug, rather than a TT bug.

Loader V4.6.7
Sim V1.3
TT was started in the current loader and sim versions

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New Mills Central 12/01/2018 at 12:08 #104997
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If the shorter trains reverse ok try altering the stopping position to Near end
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New Mills Central 12/01/2018 at 12:40 #104999
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So have tried all the combinations of stopping positions with no adjustments, Near End requires the Platform starter signal to be OFF, whereas NX, F, and FX allow the termination of the train with the signal ON.

The fact that a 71m train (and even a 62m train) can't stop in a 95m platform without needing special stopping instructions issued makes me feel that there is something amiss here. Surely the train should be able to stop closer than 33m from the signal (assuming that the signal is located at the end of the 95m platform)

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New Mills Central 12/01/2018 at 13:02 #105000
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The up platform signals at New Mills Central, in both directions, are located on the platform itself, in both cases at what is pretty much the end of the usable platform area which will probably mean there is a bit of a disparity between actual and usable platform length.

In the real world there is no need for NM16 to be pulled off to turn a train though we do generally draw up close to it if driving a pair of units. The drivers in SimSig might be a little more cautious than me!

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New Mills Central 12/01/2018 at 15:08 #105004
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I will have a look at the data when I wake up properly
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