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Royston Frieght Depot

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Royston Frieght Depot 14/02/2018 at 04:08 #105909
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In mucking about with a new/old timetable for Royston I think I may have found a problem with the depot capacity control for Royston FD. The timetable replicates a Speedlink trip service (6B93) delivering wagons to the Dalgety Siding and then the yard pilot, an 03, shunting them to the Sheriff's Siding.

The sequence of moves is as follows:

1. Portion of 6B93 (9S93) deposits 6 VGAs in Dalgety siding.

2. Loco (0B93 - 17m) un-hooks and proceeds to the FD to pick up 6 other VGAs.

3. Loco and 6 VGAs (9B93 - 102m) exit FD, rejoin 6B93 and depart.

4. Yard pilot (0S03 - 8m) appears from FD and joins VGAs in Dalgety siding.

5. Pilot shunts VGAs to FD (9S00 - 93m).

6. Pilot draws out 3 VGAs to Down siding (9S01 - 50m) and propels back to FD.

7. Pilot draws out to Down siding and returns to FD (0S03A - 8m).

8. Repeat 6.

9. Pilot draws 6 VGAs out of FD to Down Siding and propels to Sheriff's Siding (9S02 - 93m).

Well, progress was good till it came time for step 9 when I got a message from the FD saying that there was not enough stock to form 9S02!

Please tell me what I have done wrong!

Saved game attached.

Also trains appear not able to pass through the Down loop in the UP direction when timetabled to do so. They seem to stop at the points for the FD, even with the shunter having been told to allow train to exit loop towards K244. Shunter claims they can't set the points. (This is after shunter complains of a lack of train when asked to set the points before train enters the Down loop!)

Almost forgot, Loader version 4.6.11 Royston Data 4.0 Build 3.


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Royston Frieght Depot 15/02/2018 at 08:22 #105927
Peter Bennet
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Suggest you draw up a table of train lengths for each exit/entrance point just to make sure you've not got a mismatch. Remember that the lengths taken by the Sim are calculated by each join/divide which is not necessarily what the original timetable says.

I don't know what the stock counting parameters have been set to on Royston but it looks like you have exceeded them somehow.


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