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Non-fatal access violation

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Non-fatal access violation 04/03/2018 at 23:42 #106468
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In server mode as network control:
Random error "Internal error: Exception in HandleMessage WB0003 (EAccessViolation 0060703B in SimSigLoader: Read of Address 00000070)"

All clients got thrown off their panels but not disconnected, and were able to reclaim panels immediately. The loader continued after I closed the dialog.

I *think* one of the players may have been sending a message when this happened.

Screenshot and save attached - the save is about 90 seconds after it happened so probably no help.

Not sure if this sim-specific or a general loader bug, I can't find any related reports.
[attachment=9371]Internal Error WB0003.png[/attachment]

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Jamie S (JAMS)
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Non-fatal access violation 05/03/2018 at 04:38 #106470
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WB is a client handing back control of a workstation. Nothing obvious in the code there but logged as Mantis 19859. Thanks.
SimSig Boss
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