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Timing points for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

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Timing points for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station 10/03/2018 at 14:03 #106597
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I am running everything at Beginner level and although the freights for FFPS are arriving on time, because of the 3mph speed limit in the power station, by the time they reach the timing point for their destination, they will always lose something like 20 minutes against the timetable.

It also affects their departure times, which has a knock-on effect for later services.

Do I just need to accept this, modify the timetable or have I done something wrong?


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Timing points for Fiddlers Ferry Power Station 12/03/2018 at 07:55 #106674
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I assume that the real timing point for arriving trains is somewhere on line A, at the beginning of the loop, but that doesn't appear to be simulated - or if it is, it isn't used by the default timetable. The sim manual says that there are really additional signals, controlled by a yard box on site, and the train would be handled by these between the "arrival" and "departure" times, during which it would cover the distance between line A and line B or C.

For writing your own timetables, I would advise adjusting the arrival time at the power station by 20-25 mins to account for the time required to traverse the unloading track. You should also include the timing point at Fiddlers Ferry Signal Box; if this isn't explicitly in your WTT (though I think it should be), use the arrival time for the power station itself there.

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