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Manchester Piccadilly SX 08 04 2015

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Manchester Piccadilly SX 08 04 2015 10/08/2020 at 16:44 #130544
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Meld in post 130523 said:
grahamj42 in post 130131 said:
The same thing happens with 3S50/H12191A which is booked to turn at Piccadilly P3 and depart on the East Line.
Instead of taking the via "D" and crossing to the Fast, ARS sets a route to 320 on the East and continues from 324 on the Fast.
Checked the CIF extract used for the TT and Man Picc FL/3/EL - ARS setting correct routing

I wasn't querying the timetable routing, but the fact that ARS needs to set the route 354 -> 340 -> 324 to arrive at Ardwick Junction on the Fast as the next step of the WTT requires. ARS sets a discontinuous route, as I found in my earlier report at Ordsall Junction (albeit for an impossible route in that case).

Sorry for the confusion.

As it's the Sandite MPV, I can route it Up & Down Goods.

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