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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable

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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 02/10/2018 at 22:37 #112437
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HST125Scorton in post 112434 said:
Andrew G in post 112432 said:
Either 6M31 (H73388) is too long at 398 metres for Ravenstruther HS or the HS is too short.

Trains comes out of Ravenstruther and stops at Buffer Stops, and foul of points, in effect not reaching the reversing point.
I shorten the train by 1 wagon. 378m works perfectly. Although I'm "sure" trains upto 400m fit in Ravenstruther HS. As I sure in quotations as I could be wrong..
Picture half way down this scot-rail.co.uk page of a Cl.70 working empties from Longannet to Ravenstruther. Looks like 19 x HHA in the consist so total length of about 394m. including loco.

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The following user said thank you: HST125Scorton
Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 02/10/2018 at 22:37 #112438
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DBS 66 + 21 HTAs were the standard formation for Anglo Scottish coals and they are 399m

I dont have figures to hand but a FL 66 + 21hoppers were slightly shorter

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The following user said thank you: HST125Scorton
Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 03/10/2018 at 00:10 #112441
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Don't know how relevant this may be to this issue, but I always noticed that 2 wagons were abandoned in the head shunt when a coal train (FL) had been into Ravenstruther.

SS attached.

Though these were HHAs and not HTAs which are shorter. HHAs are 19.6m buffer to buffer and HTAs were 17.76m but after conversions are now 14.3m in length (which probably isn't relevant to the sim)

[attachment=9843]2018-10-02 (1)_LI.jpg[/attachment]

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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 02/11/2018 at 19:25 #113070
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Going to throw this issue in also.
3S94 0444 Ayr TMD - Ayr TMD (NR MPV)train. Booked to stop at Law Junction 10:09-10:32 and 11:13-11:44 but in doing so blocks trains from Wishaw or Carluke directions. Would it be sensible to have them booked into the UPL/DPL at Law instead?

Got a backward rule also with 6H26 must appear 20mins after 0H26 leaves the area. 0H26 in fact doesn't leave the area and is the loco to join 6H26 to release 0S00 back into Mossend Yard.

Slowly and painfully working my way through this timetable... Mossend is in a mess like but hey I'm running nonARS and having fun..

Aaron (AJRO)
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