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Delays after TRTS Today at 12:15 #108139
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Jan in post 108126 said:
Chromatix in post 108105 said:
But when I *do* watch the Train List, I see things like trains slowing to 15mph on approach to the signal following one they passed at Yellow (a new Defensive Driving rule, apparently), and even if that signal cleared to Green minutes ago with a banner repeater on the way, the train only speeds up once it's actually passed the signal, not when it should be able to see that it's cleared. That makes a much bigger difference to timings, which are what *should* be visible to the player.
Good find - it looks like unlike the default built-in rules, custom defensive driving rules don't properly account for a signal's sighting distance. Reported it as #20507 on Mantis.
I think that on sims where ATP is in use (Marylebone, GWML out to Bristol) this would be correct behaviour.

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Delays after TRTS Today at 13:44 #108142
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GW ATP can use additional infill beacons or loops, though, and with Chiltern ATP, which uses loops anyway, albeit in a discontinuous fashion, you can simply fit a longer loop length in rear of the signal - up to 300 m according to this informative thread on the Signalbox forum.
Granted, not every signal will be fitted thus, but the upshot is that ATP behaviour can be variable as well, you in theory you'd have include some form of separate ATP simulation to fully model its effects.

Plus in some way the defensive driving rules can be even more restrictive than ATP - if a train was expecting to stop and e.g. subject to a "reduce speed to 33% on Y" rule and then finds the next signal at yellow as well, it will continue crawling along at 33 % of the line speed all the way to the next signal (which is particularly annoying on LTS, because due to a core code bug MU speeds and suchlike are ignored when calculating the target speed), whereas ATP would simply calculate a new braking curve, so the train could accelerate somewhat again before having to brake again for the next signal.

And of course the defensive driving rules implementation affects all sims, the majority of which doesn't cover lines with ATP...

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Delays after TRTS Today at 17:17 #108159
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jem771 in post 108135 said:
Are there plans to put in features like coasting? I have noticed geoff's point.
slightly unrealistic for a train to acccelerate right up to its permissive speed only to slam on the anchors again.
approach control sigs are an example there.
Perhaps my point wasn't clear but that feature is already there.

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