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Old format TTs 02/07/2018 at 13:35 #110013
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New users of SimSig always get caught out by the loader not being coded to show the old format .WTR/.WTT format timetables when a sim is loaded.

In order to avoid the continual requests for help through the Forum can we do something to help people who have this problem. Perhaps this could be addressed by:

1) A public spirited citizen goes through all of the TTs in the Downloads section and does the merge and re-name then replaces the .WTR/.WTT in the downloads section with the new .WTT only file.
2) The relevant pages for the TTs in the Downloads section have text to remind the user that the TT needs to be converted to the .WTT only format if it is to show in the loader.

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The following user said thank you: Meld
Old format TTs 02/07/2018 at 13:45 #110014
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Thanks in advance to the proposed Public Spirited Citizen for doing the conversions.

If however you do come across an old format TT that has been missed here is my simple guide again, for those that may not have already seen it.

After opening a Sim without any timetable loaded

1 - Go to the timetables menu and open/merge the old WTT/WTR timetable

2 - After Merging timetable from the same timetable menu open save as (next line below open/merge) - then rename the timetable with a new different name from the original then save it. (you could just simply add your initials at the start for example)

3 - Reopen the Sim and you should then see your version of the timetable in the TT list.

An easy quick test to see if this has worked is to move the WTR file out of the folder, open the TT up and see if the rules tab is populated -if there are rules you've done it right

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