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Timetable requirements

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Timetable requirements 14/09/2018 at 22:04 #112165
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GeoffM in post 112154 said:
clive in post 112151 said:

I agree that timetabling is different on ARS and non-ARS sims. But if the sim has ARS, you can't validate the timetable unless you put all the line and path codes in, EVEN if you then turn ARS off when running it. The PTH validation stage is still the same.
That depends on how you write the data. If you have a simplified set of segments (literally one segment in each direction between each location) for non-ARS, and a comprehensive set for ARS (multiple segments with line/path codes) then you will have a scenario where non-ARS will tolerate a much less detailed timetable.
Hmm, I didn't think of that. When I have simplified segments in an ARS sim, they still have full BRD data for a default path between those points. I wouldn't have PTHs conditional on ARS being on or off.

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