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Leeds NorthWest Winter 2017 TT Mon-Sat using Decisions mode

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Leeds NorthWest Winter 2017 TT Mon-Sat using Decisions mode 04/09/2018 at 10:41 #111843
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I have just submitted for approval my latest effort, this time using the decisions mode. I hope its ok, I'm sure I'll be told if it isn't !
Copied below is the description of the timetable :

Leeds North-West simulation.
Winter 2017-2018 Timetable for Monday to Saturday using random decisions mode.
Timetable and train info from WTT's, TRUST and Real Time Trains.

Written by Phil Hodsgon.

Timetable Notes :

The following trains also call at Kirkstall Forge (opened 19 June 2016) and Apperley Bridge (opened 13 December 2015) but the stations are not on the simulation mapping screen or the locations are not in the timetable editor, therefore the stopping times are ommitted from the timetable.

Kirkstall Forge : SX
2H17/22/24/80/94/99. 2P58/62/63/65/66/70

Kirkstall Forge : SO
2H16/20/22/24/80, 2P21/23/58/62/64/65/66/70

Apperley Bridge : SX
2H09/14/19/59/68-76/78/79/82, 2P19/21-28/30-62/64-71

Apperley Bridge : SO
2H68-79/82, 2P19/23-26/28-71

Timeatble Notes:
5Q09 SX is too long to fit in plat 4 when coming in from the down direction, therefore signal 4037 must be cleared first before giving the road from dolly 4539. Train will then go non-ARS so manual signalling will need to be used to reverse into the siding.

Some freight trains don't have an actual consist as info was not available.
If anyone knows of any consists that are missing, please dont hesitate to get in touch via the Forum.

Known Sim Issues:
Guiseley :
When running the sim, trains are shown as "Wrong platform" when they are in the correct one. This has been corrected in sim version 1.3 but hasnt been released yet.
Ilkley :
Down trains in ARS mode are given priority to plat 2 over departures from plat 1 making plat 1 (up) departures leave late. Disable ARS at Ilkely and manually signal trains into plat 2 to solve this.
2D88 SX wont come "on top" into Ilkley Plat 1. Authorise passing signal 3957 at danger to get round it.
Bradford FS :
2D83 SX wont come "on top" into Forster Square Plat 1. Authorise passing signal 3991 at danger to get round it.

As always any errors found please don't hesitate to contact me.


4th September 2018

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Leeds NorthWest Winter 2017 TT Mon-Sat using Decisions mode 14/09/2018 at 18:00 #112156
143 posts
can one of the developers please move my Version 1.0.1 timetable of the above to the Leeds NorthWest folder. I seem to have put it into Official software folder in error.



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