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More Moss Vale Issues (version 1.2.1)

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More Moss Vale Issues (version 1.2.1) 17/09/2018 at 17:48 #112199
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I've now worked the timetable right to the end and come across the following issues in addition to those reported in an earlier post of mine. I've attached a Zip file of saves for the Developers to have a look at.

1. Trains which have a scheduled stop at Moss Vale North Fork on their way to Picton set off back towards Moss Vale East when they depart North Fork. It seems that the train's direction is changed to Up when it makes the scheduled stop as Picton is in the Up direction, but this causes the train to set off backwards. I've included 2 saves in the Zip file showing this happening to train TM71.

2. There were various instances of TDs not stepping correctly and getting "left behind". These occurred at various locations but seem to happen frequently with the SNxx trains that turn back at Goulburn. Having departed from Goulburn P1, the TD gets stuck near shunt signal G62. I've included 3 saves showing TDs that have failed to step.

3. Trains approaching from Milvale: some ring in correctly when approaching Stockinbingal, but others ring as they are passing Stockinbingal. This problem was supposedly fixed in v1.2.1, but still occurs.

4. The SNxx trains which shunt to Moss Vale Up Refuge need the "Thru Line stop" flag setting for the Moss Vale entry in their timetable, otherwise they call a Wrong Route.

5. Frame "E" at Cootamundra isn't fully labelled on the diagram. It just appears as "145 ER".

6. ACI doesn't appear to work for Moss Vale P1.

7. Do you intend to provide a timing point for reversing at Moss Vale HS2? If not, what is HS2 supposed to be used for?

8. Have you got very far with coping with gradients? Early running freight trains can cause quite a problem, especially when they are very long or have a scheduled crew change. It was quite a challenge to keep things moving smoothly.

My apologies if some of the above issues have already been raised, but as someone said, it's better to be told twice than not at all.

I eagerly await the next release of the sim.

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More Moss Vale Issues (version 1.2.1) 25/09/2018 at 15:45 #112321
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Sorry, Lynn, I've been very busy with non-SimSig things. Will try and get to these ASAP. Thank you for your efforts.
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The following user said thank you: Lyn-Greenwood
More Moss Vale Issues (version 1.2.1) 10/12/2018 at 04:03 #113885
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A question about the released timetable

SN60 which was in the UR (at Moss Vale) next goes to Moss Vale rev @74 13:41 13:50
5L21 which was in P2 next goes to Moss Vale rev @74 13:42 13:44 then goes to UR (at Moss Vale)

I have taken that to mean that they both go there and “double stack” however the infrastructure doesn't support this as there is no call-on available from P2

it is possible to achieve this sequence if the timetables are abandoned.

Was this the correct interpretation?

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More Moss Vale Issues (version 1.2.1) 11/12/2018 at 00:03 #113900
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You can "double stack" All you need to do is set the road out of P2 to the reversal and have the train pass the signal (69) at stop.


Barry, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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