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M/cr South 1977/1987/1996 timetables

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M/cr South 1977/1987/1996 timetables 08/02/2019 at 17:30 #115470
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This thread is for any bug reporting or questions about the 1977, 1987 and 1996 timetables written by me. Please read the remainder of this post before assuming you've found a bug.

The timetables cover very different eras and each has instructions included in the timetable's "General" tab. For each year, two versions are available, starting at midnight and a convenient time at the start of the main daytime service. "Day of Week" selection is enabled for every timetable, making every run potentially different from the previous time. Be aware that on Monday mornings, there is very little traffic between midnight and the start of daytime service.

As of Feb 8th, 2019, there are some known bugs in the simulation that affect trains running to/from the sidings at Sandbach and Middlewich. In particular trains needing to access British Salt siding MUST NOT be routed past the signal protecting the Sandbach-Middlewich single line entrance. Instead, the siding's ground frame must be set and then the train talked past the signal. The developer has committed to addressing known bugs in a future version of the simulation.

Local (class 2) trains in each simulation use specific routing codes in the 4-digit headcode. Those for 1987 & 1996 are listed in the timetables' "General" tabs and trains can be differentiated one from another easily. In 1977, the route codes were used for every train on a given route, as shown in the files attached to this post. You will see multiple trains on the screen with the same headcode and will have to work out your own method of tracking which train is which. For that reason you should turn ACI OFF at Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Macclesfield. You WILL get into trouble if you leave ACI on in 1977. For 1987 & 1996, it works just fine.

I hope you enjoy the timetables.

P.S. For those not familiar with the Manchester area, the city's name is invariably shown as M/cr when it makes life easier.

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