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ARS problem after loader 4.9 upgrade

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ARS problem after loader 4.9 upgrade 10/02/2019 at 16:14 #115524
129 posts
Starting a new simulation, at intermediate timing points ARS is waiting for 24:xx instead of 00:xx before setting the route (example 5K50 at London Bridge 6 "waiting for booked 24:01½" instead of 0:01½. Trains starting their timetable depart normally. Trains will also unexpectedly give priority to others, which I assume is because they are due 24 hours later.

I rolled back to loader 4.8.2 (the most recent backup I found), and that worked normally. I also tried Victoria Central and ARS works normally with loader 4.9 (not every ARS sim has a timetable starting at midnight), so I have posted here and not in the general folder.

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ARS problem after loader 4.9 upgrade 10/02/2019 at 17:00 #115530
822 posts
It's a known issue (#22441): If a headcode is re-used during the course of a timetable, ARS will select the wrong timetable for seeded trains.
This should be fixed in the next update of the loader.

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