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Coming soon: March 2019 Liverpool Street timetable

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Coming soon: March 2019 Liverpool Street timetable 18/04/2019 at 17:08 #117693
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Just to let interested folks know that I am in the final stages of testing a new timetable for LivSt which is based on a March 2019 traffic day...
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Coming soon: March 2019 Liverpool Street timetable 22/04/2019 at 14:19 #117794
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I've just uploaded this to the User-Contributed section, so it's pending a moderator approval.

Some quick notes:

- This is obviously a "2013 onwards" timetable - please remember to set the appropriate ARS era!

- This starts very gently with a tiny number of Stansted Express services until about 04:45 or so. Start times which work with this timetable without seeding artifacts are 03:15, 03:45, or 04:15.

- There are a few trains where ACI doesn't quite figure out what it needs to do:

* 1K01 - divides three ways, with 1N02 at the rear, 1K04 in the middle, and 1K02 in the front berth. SimSig knows the division correctly, but ACI only manages to insert the front two headcodes.

* Several other trains call at Liverpool St and then depart under the same headcode. Again, ACI doesn't realize this, so you will need to interpose their headcodes into a berth. This affects the following ECS workings: 5G51, 5G52, 5V99, 5V00 and 5S00.

- Headcodes: 'B' headcodes are now used exclusively by the Stansted Express. There were no passenger c2c workings on this particular traffic day.

- ARS does a pretty good job at setting routes here. The evening peak gets very busy however, and you may need to override some of the ARS decisions to avoid trains backing up on the GEML approach in particular. The electric line runnings (XR / TfL Rail) do not allow much leeway at all, and you will often need to take a decision as to whether to let a departing train depart right on time and delay an arriving train to another platform, or vice versa.

- It should also be theoretically possible to build a chaining timetable for West Anglia, but, well, not yet :-)

Enjoy - and please let me know if you find any bugs or issues.



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The following user said thank you: M1ch4el