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Stockport 1977/1987/1989 Timetables

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Stockport 1977/1987/1989 Timetables 02/05/2019 at 09:15 #118013
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As promised (threatened?) a few months ago, three BR-era simulations are now available for the Stockport simulation. The last, for 1989, was made available in the Downloads section today (May 2nd, 2019). Each is available with either a full 24 hour timetable or a start time that minimises the nightttime quiet periods, though in 1977 nighttime could be very busy too, albeit in short bursts.

If any bugs are identified, or "oddities" that need clarification, please post them here. Should there be any updates to the simulations, they will also be notified here.

I hope you enjoy the timetables.

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