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Winter 1992 Timetable

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Winter 1992 Timetable 24/05/2019 at 09:00 #118450
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I have uploaded this timetable today. It replaces the previous 1992 timetable and is a complete rework of the old timetable which has been fully tested and fleshed out for more accuracy. note the previous timetable was named Summer however this is incorrect.

Timetable notes:

Derby 1992 Winter Tuesday

This timetable has been primarily compiled using WTT Section CG dated 28th September 1992 - 16 May 1993 and a 1992 Derby Station Working Book. I have also used a pair of East Midlands Coal plans dated October and December 1993 to provide MGR traffic for power station supply.

My Thanks go to Pascal (58050) for supplying information on Postal services and MGR traffic and Phil-JMW for testing this timetable and providing valuable input on getting this as accurate as possible from his personal experience.

This timetable Simulates Derby around the end of 1992. Main passenger flows are as follows:

Intercity HST services from Sheffield - St. Pancras along with a handful of loco hauled rush hour extra's. Some early and late services start from Derby.

Intercity Crosscountry services worked by a mixture of HST's and loco hauled stock. Derby was a Hub for crosscountry loco hauled services so expect plenty of work in the mornings and evenings with these services.

Regional Railways main routes at this time are Derby - Matlock, Crewe - Nottingham and Cardiff/Birmingham - Nottingham although other services also operate. Derby was home to a small fleet of 156's and 150's at this time.

Freight Flows are varied but include Coal from Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire to Various Power stations including Rugeley, Willington, Ratcliffe, Drakelow and Didcot. there is also Oil traffic, Steel traffic and freightliner traffic.

Operational Notes

Loco hauled empty stock to/from Etches Park - southbound trains are drawn out by one of the Pilot 08's into the station which then detach and return to the sidings. Northbound trains will be worked by the train engine.

Overnight shunts - Centre Panel is kept busy overnight with Adhoc shunting at Etches Park and 4 Shed. most of these are set up as random shunt moves. some will not drop all the way out of Etches park before dropping back in. this is intentional and how the real thing works - trains only drop out far enough to clear the hand points in the depot. trains from 4 Shed to Etches park will reverse on the pilot line. I would suggest normally routing them onto Chad curve to leave other routes free. I would suggest not routing trains towards Etches park along the goods or pilot until permission has been given as you can get a mexican standoff occur during busy periods.

5D91 - pay close attention to these shunts. 5D91 MUST be shunted into Gas Tank Sdg (the lower Carriage Sdg at Derby) in order to leave space for 1K02 to use the C.S. to run round later. a note is provided on 5D91's timetable. 5D91 later drops in and out of P6. this is prototypical - the vans were loaded between trains ready for departure.

Train descriptions - I have noted each services stock including the tractions/Units Pool Code, Depot and Class. these represent the typical or booked traction for the service but as with anything this could vary depending on circumstances. some trains have multiple versions with different traction.

current known issues (simulation errors, I have no control over these):

Trains departing Nadins Sdg or Lounge Opencast will not step their timetables and will need this doing manually

5F51 does not reverse at Burton Leicester Jcn and will need this doing manually.

trains passing Branston GF will report they are stopped at the GF and will need talking past.

trains do not enter at Denby opencast. I have left them in the timetable should this be resolved.

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