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Several Problems Editing WTT for Hong Kong East

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Several Problems Editing WTT for Hong Kong East 23/06/2019 at 14:12 #119092
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Hi all, thanks for the great work from the developers of Hong Kong East (Rail Line) and it's feel so great to have a sim of my hometown. As the WTT comes with the default sim is a bit obsolete (in terms of time), I am current editing/building a WTT which reflects the actual train working nowadays (as in 2019) using the 2009-2013 layout. However I found some problems and I wish I can get some solutions.

1. Trains departing Hung Hom Platform 4 loses it timetable and needs manual interposing. The First train departing Hung Hom Platform 4 (M005) follows the following timetable:

When it leaves Hung Hom Station and after passing the junction, it loses the timetable and the TD becomes **** and only manual interposing solves it.

The same problem happens when the next train L007 leaves Hung Hom Platform 4. It is nearly impossible to Interpose the next 300 something trains to make the trains work automatically. Thus this is now the most urging problem I am facing right now.

2. Trains at their starting position got route set automatically even it hasn't reach its departure time and it might leave unexpectedly. But, after reading the Manual of the Sim, the current solution is to set ARS off for all the trains that enter/seed in the sim. Which kinda refeclts the reality where the signaller needs to verbally confirm the train operator that the train is ready for service.

3. Trains entering Lo Wu sidings and becomes "off path" even it follows the timetable.
An empty train T805 leaves Ho Tung Lau Depot and goes to Lo Wu sidings G1S for turning back.

In such way, even if T805 arrives G1S, manual interpose is required to change it into the next train.

It's worth noting that these problems emerges from both editing the current timetable of similar train and creating a timetable from scratch.

Plus, I want to know if there's any way to make sure that the train operator makes a call when the train enters from Depot? I ticked the "Always phone on entry" option but it does not work.

I will appreciate any solutions to these problems thanks in advance.

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Several Problems Editing WTT for Hong Kong East 23/06/2019 at 16:23 #119093
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Try adding Kowloon Yard Jcn as a passing time, or if you validate a schedule it will be auto inserted.

Its always advisable to validate each new schedule as you create it, alternately - look at an existing TT to see if theres anything you may have missed

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Several Problems Editing WTT for Hong Kong East 23/06/2019 at 18:37 #119094
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Issue 1 is not a timetable issue, but an issue with the sim's train describer stepping. Already fixed for the next release (Mantis ticket #25335).
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