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Staffordshire Released, Loader 4.14, + More

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Staffordshire Released, Loader 4.14, + More 19/07/2019 at 18:49 #119510
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Staffordshire has just been released. This simulation covers Stoke SCC and Rugby ROC Stafford desk.

The simulation has four "full" workstations, and a fifth optional workstation. Full ARS is provided as well.

We would always recommend a good read of the manual before playing.

Find it in the shop

Manchester South

Was updated to version 1.6 for chaining compatibility and other minor fixes, details in the version history on the wiki.


Liverpool Street & West Anglia 2015 timetables have been released for the first time.

The LTS 2015 timetable has had a minor update.

Loader 4.14

Loader 4.14 has been released and includes the ability for multiple seed groups in one base timetable. Staffordshire takes full advantage of this in both it's shipped timetables. You select the timetable as normal, then select a supported start time at the bottom of the screen.

Various other bits detailed in the change log.

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