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Bishops Stortford - delayed train

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Bishops Stortford - delayed train 22/08/2019 at 12:51 #120173
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I have 5O08 which arrives in Platform 3 as a 12 car, the front 4 upon arrival at Bishops Stortford then uncouple and form 2S03.

Signal 1498 which is the starter signal at the London end of Platform 3 has been set by the ARS for 5O08 to leave Bishops Stortford right time.

However the confusing part is the driver of 2S03 then rings in and says there will be a 10 minute delay to his service due to the wrong kind of food trolley and would I be kind enough to put signal 1498 back to danger.

As the route is set for 5O08 and not 2S03 as well as seeing that 5O08 is in front of 2SO3 thus preventing a departure, why would I get a message asking if I was going to return 1498 to danger?

As far as I'm concerned I should tell 2S03 that I'm not going to replace the signal as it's not applying to them, am I right?

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