When train crosses, it doesn't reset the signals

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When train crosses, it doesn't reset the signals 12/10/2019 at 01:47 #120941
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Does anyone else have the issue I am not sure if it is called TORR. The train goes over the signal and the signal turns red. IT then doesn't allow me to set another route and the signal doesn't work auto so for every single train, you have to then 'cancel' the signal and then set the route again.

I have the latest version installed (as far as I know) as nothing comes up in the check for updates thing.

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When train crosses, it doesn't reset the signals 12/10/2019 at 02:17 #120942
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TORR is Train Operated Route Release and is the system whereby, once a train has gone past, the route is released, it cancels and the route lights (white lights) die out behind the train and you can then set another route without having to cancel the first route yourself.

What you are describing is the absence of TORR.

Many signals on the East Coastway sim are not provided with TORR - the manual goes into full and extensive detail about where TORR is and is not provided. This is the correct behaviour, you are expected to cancel each route yourself from these signals, yes, that's intentional.

The reason for this is that it reflects real life. Some of the boxes on East Coastway were lever frames and you obviously have to replace the lever in the frame before you can clear it again. Such signals will not, in real life, actually go back to danger behind a train at all, so the sim helps you out a bit there. Others are NX panels, but as the manual describes not all of the signals on these panels had TORR, for example most of Lewes's signals did not. Quite a few NX panels were not provided with TORR for a variety of reasons which have been discussed before. Cost and I believe concerns about wrong side failures were 2 I recall. In this case the signal will go back to danger behind a train automatically, but you do still have to cancel the route when it's been used before you can set another one. Until then the route remains in.

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