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Another question! Missing trains? 08/12/2019 at 19:28 #122148
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Hello, after re-installing SimSig, I now have no trains at all when I load up a panel even for waiting after several minutes. What should I do?

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Another question! Missing trains? 08/12/2019 at 19:44 #122150
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Did you choose a timetable when starting the game?

You should be able to see the timetable you chose using the F4 button, and you can sort the list of trains by entry time to see which one will enter next.

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Another question! Missing trains? 08/12/2019 at 19:48 #122151
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This is a common problem, are you working your way through all the menus?

So you load up the SimSig loader and you click on Start a new simulation, with the big play button and it loads up a list of available sims.

You pick the one you want, but keep an eye on your itchy finger and don't go straight to the big tempting start button. Patience is a virtue. You want to click next. You'll get the select timetable menu. Take your pick, but be sure it matches the era you want to play (some sims come with different eras and so you'll wanna check the date of the timetable to make sure you select the era with the appropriate track layout for that timetable). You could probably hit start now, but you might wanna hit next, because you might wanna pick a scenario, if the sim has one. You could hit start now, but you might wanna hold off for just a few more seconds, because the next menu will likely have some options to choose from, including a choice of eras if the sim has them.

Then and only then can you really hit start with confidence and a clear conscience. Though you'll need to hit next yet again for multiplayer and chaining businesses.

If this isn't your problem I do apologise (and I realise I may have written those words in a slightly odd mood, I probably need a cup of tea), could you be more specific about what you have done?

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