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TS4, regulation 3.6.4

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TS4, regulation 3.6.4 16/12/2019 at 01:58 #122293
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Sorry about this, another Rule Book regulation that's got me a bit puzzled.

Rule Book module TS4: Electric token block regulations, regulation 3.6.4 is titled When a token is required before 'train out of section' is normally received.

For the purpose of this regulation, a token is needed to protect work that is to take place between signal box A and signal box B. The token is to be removed at signal box B.

The regulation instructs signaller box B:

If the token is required to protect work at the signal box B end before train out of section for the previous train is normally received, you must tell the signaller at signal box A the reason.
It then instructs signaller box A:

If the signaller at signal box B tells you that the token is needed there to protect work, you may send train out of section before the last vehicle of the train passes your signal box. However, you must first make sure the train has arrived complete with tail lamp and has passed clear of the section, before doing so.
In isolation, I'm having difficulty imagining when this rule would apply. Perhaps when you (signaller B) know a train is booked to stand somewhere in rear of signal box A (station platform maybe) and normally the signaller would just wait for it to pass box A before sending train out of section, but you've got the COSS there now wanting to crack on with some urgent work?

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TS4, regulation 3.6.4 16/12/2019 at 19:12 #122313
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Imagine that Box B has a single through platform which is beyond the clearing point, but is before the box. A train arrives from Box A, but it needs to wait in the platform for another service to arrive into the bay platform before it can do a shunt passed the box (Where normally you see the tail lamp and knock out) to join the train which has arrived in the bay. When the driver returns the token, you can ask for assurance the train is complete, then let B take the token out to protect the work. Otherwise the poor old COSS is sitting around for 30 minutes twiddling his thumbs.
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