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Program change causing issues

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Program change causing issues 13/02/2020 at 08:59 #123286
17 posts
1 Trains to Edinburgh via Midcalder:
On passing M626 (last controlled signal) trains are deemed to 'Off Planed Path', displayed train number changes to orange. When train reaches first Edinburgh signal, EJ726 it stops and signal cannot be changed
2 New junction signal at Newton. Interlocking error
With a train in platform 1 with a clear signal and a route set to Kikhill a train from the mainline and headed to Hamliton is held at M146 which cannot be cleared because 'Points set for another route'

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Program change causing issues 18/02/2020 at 11:32 #123335
50 posts
I am also finding that trains are held permanently at EJ726 and EJ728 signals which are controlled off map at Midcalder Jn.
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Program change causing issues 25/03/2020 at 14:59 #125007
466 posts
The timetable had to be updated along with the sim.
Your save is from timetable is 4.2.3
The current timetable, which updates automatically with the loader, is 4.4.2

1 -
Shotts line now exits at 'Midcalder Jn'.
West Calder is now in the Motherwell sim area, so you have got trains simply ending there and others backing up behind them

2 -
Whifflet line reversals are now deemed invalid timetables. The new reversing location is 'Whifflet loops rev 282/284'

As it is 0445 start and you are only at 0710, I'd start again. Also delete the old timetable from SimSig.


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