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Multiplayer Sessions on Paid Maps

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Multiplayer Sessions on Paid Maps 22/02/2020 at 20:37 #123380
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Me and my friends wish to do the LTS route, but is it possible for only one of us to buy the route and then the rest of us can join him without having to buy the route, since my and my friends want to have a little bit of fun, but we are unsure if we need to buy it to also join.

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Multiplayer Sessions on Paid Maps 22/02/2020 at 20:43 #123381
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All players need a license for the simulation to join a multiplayer game.
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Multiplayer Sessions on Paid Maps 22/02/2020 at 20:51 #123382
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Yes, everyone does have to own the sim, just like if you wanna go paintballing or go karting it's not enough for just one member of the group to actually pay for it...

But of course I understand you guys just wanna have a bit of fun. When I played SimSig with a friend, we chose Swindon A & B IECC because I could hardly expect him to shell out for, well let's say LTS, just to give it a go. And also any analogy (like my paintballing one) will break down eventually. If you wanna watch a DVD together, usually only one person has to actually own the DVD and with traditional multiplayer on console games usually you just needed the one copy of the game. But that's surely where quite a lot of very good free sims - including Kings Cross which is very big and Swindon which has space for three players to have a really good game - come in. The free sims do tend to be smaller, but surely there's a way for those people are hesitant to have a go before deciding whether they'd like to buy a copy of LTS to play with you - a copy of LTS which they can then keep forever, all to themselves.

I know with 'digital media' we've all become used to getting quite a lot of stuff without opening the wallet and I'm always hesitant when it comes to online purchases. I probably wouldn't play SimSig if it wasn't for PayPal, because I don't like putting card details into websites. So yeah, it's complicated and £30 is a lot of money. Or rather, £30 is a lot of money from one point of view, but these things are relative. It's a perfectly competitive price tag compared to traditional console games and board games.

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