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Norton Bridge Up Slow & Little Bridgeford Junction

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Norton Bridge Up Slow & Little Bridgeford Junction timing points 28/03/2020 at 19:02 #125111
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Firstly, a great sim. Thank you to all involved, from the developer to the testers and any/all timetable writers whether current or future.

I've made a casual simulation observation whilst playing through the "Staffordshire SX 09 01 2019" timetable which I feel compelled to ask about:

Trains on the Up Slow that happen to have both "Norton Bridge" and "Little Bridgeford Jn (US)" timing points will report both as being passed at the same time, but only when passing over Little Bridgeford Junction. For the avoidance of doubt: they only report as having passed [the former] Norton Bridge station when they actually pass Signal SC5608.

This seems a little strange based on the panel display and the location of [the former] Norton Bridge station. Would have thought that they'd report in as having passed Norton Bridge when passing SC5610, rather than SC5608.

Rebuilding my life... including this signa,,,,
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